“Nemesi”: Art and Eros

The theme of “Eros” has increasingly become one of the leading topics in many different art forms, from literature to cinema… and also in painting.

Eros is indeed the main subject of Eleonora Pozzi’s works, which the exhibition “Nemesi” has brought together from May the 10th to July the 13rd 2018 in “Après-coup Arte” gallery in Milan.

The main purpose of the artist is to diverge from traditionnal representations of Eros and rethink it in a more personal way, in the hopes of opening others to dialogue and expanding horizons. She explores Eros as reaching for the most extreme limits of a human body and mind.

She means Eros as something that combines complicity, faith, respect, intimacy and most of all mutual dialogue… so in essence, Love.

The exhibition is made of 10 pieces which at first sight seem to transmit a feeling of violence. This aspect is due to by the fact that the paintings represent the voluntary submission of a woman during a consenting sexual intercourse, as a sort of “private ritual”. This allows the artist to focus the attention on a relationship between a dominant and a submissive human being.

Therefore, what comes to our eyes as pure violence is actually represented by the artist as an absolute act of love. According to her opinion, “Nemesi”, this erotic game, cannot exist without love between the couple.

In the gallery, the 10 paintings, 9 of which have been grouped as three different triptyques, unroll the three stages of the dominant-submitted relationship.

The tenth canvas, “Amore/In Finem”, represents the most romantic part of Eleonora Pozzi research. Through the combination of different materials, from jute canvas to cement, from resin to recycled paper, the artist underlines the twisting, sometimes unnatural, and intimate weariness of human bodies.

The artist succeeds in showing the oscillation between domination and submission as a dynamic which is omnipresent in our everyday lives; and that its presence in intimacy is vital.

Don’t hesitate, it won’t let you down!


Maria Beatrice Vagliasindi

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