Arts and Ethics

In the summer of 2013, I was in Manhattan, New York. As a typical tourist in The Big Apple, I visited MoMA ( Museum of Modern Art), and truly I loved the art pieces that were displayed.

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Photography – testimony to an eternal moment

On April the 15th our BSAS association organized an interesting event about photography and some of its aspects that people usually ignore, or of which are not well informed.

We invited two external guest, Angela Saltarelli and Roberto Mutti, respectively a lawyer specialized in art law and cultural heritage, and a photographic critic and curator. There was also another guest, professor Maria L. Montagnani, invited as a mediator of the conference.

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Bocconi: not just a university… but also a piece of architecture

Every day, hundreds of students pass by our university; but few of them really appreciate the architectural peculiarity of our campus’ buildings.

The main building is located at the corner of viale Bligny and via Roentgen. It is home to most of the university’s main events, and, being the largest of the Bocconi buildings, it is the most noticeable.

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Street art: vandalism, art or marketing strategy?

By itself, the term “street art” is actually quite broad and nebulous; it goes from the more traditional spray-painting to mosaics, stickers, flash mobs, video projections on buildings, “yarn bombing” (covering a surface with knitted wool) and other public displays. It is one of the most innovative and rapidly changing forms of art, especially due to the significant increase in its quality, and thus popularity.

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Cinema – the seventh art

Italian film theoretician Ricciotto Canudo, in the year 1911, quite accurately defined cinema as “the seventh art”. The newest form of art which simultaneously combines the existing ancient disciplines of art, namely; architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry. While this short article will not argue about cinema’s position in relation to these forms of art but instead will intend to illustrate how some really famous works of art have inspired directors and the films they made.

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