Louvre struggles to borrow key masterpiece from Italy for Leonardo Da Vinci’s 500-year anniversary exhibition

Political tensions between France and Italy have made it surprisingly difficult for the French museum to borrow “The Vitruvian Man” from Venice for his quincentennial anniversary of his death.

The Louvre museum is organizing a major exhibition to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death. However, just a few days before its opening on October 24th, one presence of one of his most iconic work “The Vitruvian Man” is still uncertain. Continue reading “Louvre struggles to borrow key masterpiece from Italy for Leonardo Da Vinci’s 500-year anniversary exhibition”


On the weekend of the 12th to the 14th April, BSAS headed south to Naples to soak in Southern Italian culture.

Naples is sometimes only considered by tourists as a short stop before continuing to the Amalfi Coast, Capri or Pompei. This is a shame, because the city holds some well-known artworks along with hidden cultural treasures. Continue reading “#bsastakesnaples”

Photography – testimony to an eternal moment

On April the 15th our BSAS association organized an interesting event about photography and some of its aspects that people usually ignore, or of which are not well informed.

We invited two external guest, Angela Saltarelli and Roberto Mutti, respectively a lawyer specialized in art law and cultural heritage, and a photographic critic and curator. There was also another guest, professor Maria L. Montagnani, invited as a mediator of the conference.

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The Youngest Area at Milan Design Week – Interview of Elif Reşitoğlu

Are you excited for the upcoming design week? A week from now Milan will host its annual Milan Design Week! Don’t you love Milan during design weeks, I personally do! It is amazing to see the designs in each and every corner of the city. Today, I have spoken with Elif Reşitoğlu, who is the co-founder and the content creator of Isola Design District about the events we will see! Her passion to “discover the undiscovered”, as she refers, is the element that helped me to get to know her better!

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Louvre’s glass pyramid anniversary artwork destroyed within hours

On the 31rst March, France’s most prestigious museum celebrated the 30th anniversary of the now-iconic glass pyramid that acts as its modern entrance. For the occasion, the self-proclaimed French “photograffeur” JR (a play on words between photographer and graffiti artist) set out to cover some sides of the pyramid and the area around it to create an optical illusion. The overall results extends the base of the pyramid much lower into hidden and obscure depths. Continue reading “Louvre’s glass pyramid anniversary artwork destroyed within hours”


Ranking among the most popular and visited art museums of Europe and the world, the Museo del Prado was originally commissioned in the 1780s as a museum of natural science, which was supposed to celebrate the spirit of the Enlightenment in Spain. However, the idea of King Charles III was cast aside when his conservative grandson, King Ferdinand VII, came to throne. The latter preferred to showcase the wealth of his own art collection instead. Thus, on 19 November 1819, El Prado was officially opened to the public as a Royal Museum of Painting and Sculpture.

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