VictoireVictoire Monziols

I’m an 18-year-old french student living in Milan, where I chose to live and study in great part because of the amazing cultural diversity there is to enjoy here.
My interest in art started when I was very young. I lived in Paris for five months when I was four years old since that period of time was too short for me to attend school, my mother, who had studied art history, took me to the museum every day. My favorite works were Claude Monet’s La Pie and François Pompon’s Ours Blanc, which are both in the Musée d’Orsay and are still amongst my favorite artworks today.
Since, my artistic interests have grown more varied, but also more active: I have pursued my interest in music by studying the violin and lyrical singing, taken drawing courses and dance lessons… and become the head of the blog for the art association!
I think that, if art has a purpose, it is most certainly to inspire others to be curious and explore the boundaries of their creativity.


Marta Bardazzi

I’m Marta, I’m 21 and I am a second-year law student at Bocconi University.
I’m from a small town near Milan in which I still live, hoping to move to Milan in the next years. I’m interested in arts since I was young, in fact I dance, attending classes, since I was a kid.
I’m a tireless, curious and adventurous traveler, I love backpacking around the world because I think it’s, while you’re young, the best way to know other cultures and places.
In my future I dream to have an international career, working in the field of human rights and cooperation, but honestly, at this moment, I don’t know exactly what I want to be.
I hope you’ll enjoy our blog and good reading!

Kerem Demirtas

My name is Kerem. I am a second year student at Bocconi University’s Economic and Social Sciences Bachelor Programme.
My interest in art in general was sparked at the young age of 11 when I saw the Sarcophagus of Alexander the Great in Istanbul Archeology Museum. It was engraved with detailed carvings that made me feel a blend of emotions at the same time. This intense experience has made me become a person that tries to appreciate and interpret artworks. It was further deepened when I started doing readings on aesthetic philosophy. The thinker Immanuel Kant was highly influential for me in becoming an art-lover. I think his writings on how a layman can become an aesthetic judge of an artwork should be read by anyone. These made me realise art was indeed universal.
I am interested in how different forms of art intertwine and it excites me to observe how boundaries of each form of art are being redefined in contemporary times. I hope every reader finds something engaging in this blog!!

Maria Beatrice Maria Beatrice Vagliasindi

I am Maria Beatrice, I’m 20 and I come from Rome! I currently study in Milan at Bocconi University attending a bachelor in Economics for art, culture and communication.
Thanks to my aunt, who was an art historian, I have started getting close to the art world and, since I’ve chosen this course, I decided I wanted to be part of it.
My bachelor is based on economics so in order to be more “active” in this field I decided to join the association. I think the blog is the perfect way to express our ideas of art because this subject is full of various sides which each people can perceive differently. I’m personally more interested on modern and contemporary art because I think that it’s closer to our society and to our social issues too.. so in a sense it could be considered the mirror of the world we inhabit!


Carolina Leroy

I’m a French and Italian student at Bocconi, where everything is so academically oriented that I feel we sometimes don’t take enough time to appreciate art. This motivated me to join BSAS in 2018 where I mainly write articles for the blog.
I enjoy a mix of rather classic forms of art along with newer discoveries and trends. Impressionist paintings are a favorite of mine due to the potency of the picture they create with just a few brushstrokes. Reading, performing or watching all types of plays is also something I appreciate – there’s something about watching actors perform right in front of you that cinema somehow can’t replicate. I find Milan to be an exceptionally good city for art, with the presence of so many museums, gorgeous architecture and renowned cultural institutions such as la Scala. It’s also difficult to miss all the expressive and vibrant street art when strolling around Navigli or Bovisa.
Even though art is notoriously difficult to define, I think of it as Picasso said: “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”.


Géraud Desazars

I am a French member of the blog team of the Society. Student in Economics and Finance, I studied History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and love to continue discovering and learning about art.
I have a special interest for Literature, Music, Painting and Cinema and am happy to share this passion through this blog.
I like to follow the trends of contemporary arts in these domains to try to spot the living legacy of past artists but also the selection process among the great amount of those who intend to become the artists of the present and the future.

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Zeynep Erik

I am Zeynep Erik, a 20 year old Turkish student here in Milan, Bocconi. The course I am currently studying is Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication where it provides me an artistic and cultural view of the world we are surrounded by. I am very pleased to be able to study each diverse and unique course, plus live in a metropolitan city like Milan where there are opportunities for me to attend both artistic and cultural related events.
I grew up in Turkey, where the art world is emerging recently. My first admiration for art began when I met with Salvador Dali. I was in the fourth grade, and a famous museum in Turkey was hosting his works that year. I realised that I can understand more of an artist works when I know them better. Since that year, art has always been in my life. I am now more interested in contemporary art and design, I feel like I can connect more to those fields. New innovations excite me the most, and I believe it would be a great pleasure to share my excitement with BSAS Blog!


Kathleen Harrington

My name is Kathleen, and I’m a second year MBA student on exchange at Bocconi University. A native Bostonian, I now attend graduate school at the George Washington University in Washington D.C.
When I was young, my Nana would bring me to the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown Boston, where I was first captivated by the haunting art from Egyptian tombs and the soft, beautiful brushwork of the impressionists. From there, I’ve since continued my international journey to understand and appreciate various styles of art. I studied contemporary Chinese and Asian art while living in Hong Kong, I am a frequent visitor to the Smithsonian art museums that are the crown jewel of D.C., and I seize on the chance to visit galleries in every new city I visit, from Taiwan to Barcelona to New York. 
I believe that art is a visual medium to communicate culture: if a picture speaks a thousand words, a piece of art communicates a history, a story and an immortalized feeling. I’m looking forward to continuing my international art journey in Milan, and with BSAS.


Susanna Pepe

I am a 21 years old Italian student at Bocconi, Biem. Next year I will continue my career in Bocconi in the Management Master of Science.
I grew up in a city, Rome, full of history and art in all their aspects. I studied Italian, Greek and Latin literature and arts in high school, where my passion for these subjects began. I studied ballet for 10 years and I was positively surprised when I saw that the blog is dealing with this form of art too.
I decided to join this association to bring it back in my daily life, taking a break from economics. I truly believe in the power of art (in its broader meaning) as the deepest expression of mankind. As far as I am concerned, art is not only a way to describe the world around us, but to find out what we share as human beings, the heritage that we all have in our souls. Personally, I love painting as a form of art and my absolutely favourite one is Les Coquelicots (Monet).

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